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AZ 03 Blue and Gold Macaw

AZ 03 Blue and Gold Macaw

Isn't he just beautiful?

The blue-and-gold macaw is not a species of bird which is native to the Australian country side. This macaw is very easily recognised by its stunning golden chest, large white cheek patch and a beautiful blue back and tail. One of seven species inhabiting the Amazon Basin, the blue and gold macaw is definitely one of the worlds more stunning parrots.

Belonging to the parrot family, the blue-and-gold macaw will quite often be seen in very large flocks, even mixing with a range of other species without any conflict occurring. Each individual macaw has a unique pattern of feathers on the bare patch of skin on its face. This can almost be used as a fingerprint to identify individual birds. Their very long and colourful tail they use as a rudder and a brake when flying through the forest canopy.


Like all of the macaws this particular species can be found inhabiting a vast range of the forests in and around the central northern regions of South America.


This particular species is very adept at utilising its rather large beak to break into even the toughest nut, yet it can also delicately remove fruits and berries to eat as well.

Bird Size

Of the sixteen species of macaws found throughout South America, the blue-and-gold macaw is definitely up there in regards to parrot size. Averaging between 900 and 1200 grams and with a body length of almost two feet, this particular species belongs to one of the most well recognised group of birds any where in the world.

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