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AZ 06 Bengal Tiger

AZ 06 Bengal Tiger

Tiger fur is usually coloured with black stripes on a orange base and white underbelly. White tigers are rare with dark pink noses and blue eyes. Stripeless tigers have also been recorded but are the rarest to be seen. Tigers have the largest canine teeth of any land carnivores, and they have extremely powerful jaws.


The Bengal tiger is a large, striped cat found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma. It lives in a variety of habitats, including rainforests and dense grasslands.


Tigers, as with all animals at the top of the food chain, help balance populations. When a tiger has eaten its portion, the leftovers become food for a an array of other mammals, reptiles and birds. Tigers are meat eaters (carnivores). Their prey includes small to medium sized mammals like badgers, rabbits, boars, deer and wild cattle ranging in size from 25-1000kg. Their hunting method is a slow patient stalk through cover until they are close enough for the final spring.

The usual method of killing is to ambush their prey from behind and bite its neck, killing it instantly. Approximately, only one hunt in 20 is successful. The tiger will then drag the kill to a safe place where they will consume it. Tigers can eat as much as 30-40 kilograms of meat in one sitting and can then go for days at a time without eating anything at all.

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