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AZ 05 Black & White Ruffled Limur

AZ 05 Black & White Ruffled Limur

These cheeky lemurs can be easily recognised by their long black and white-ringed tails. They are very social and live in troops which are lead by the dominant female lemur. Yes that’s right, the girls are the boss of Lemur troops! Troop sizes range from 11 to 17 generally, however numbers into the high 20s have been recorded. They live in multi male, multi female groups centred around related females and their offspring.


Ring-tailed Lemurs live along the south and south western portion of Madagascar. They can be found in a variety of forests such as, rainforests, gallery, deciduous and spiny bush forests.


Their diet consists of fruit, leaves, flowers, other plant parts and the occasional insect and small vertebrates.

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